Coronavirus and Your Jewelry: What You Need to Know

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, cleanliness has become a top priority among many people. While cleaning the surface of an item may seem like enough to sanitize it, you must also ensure that any lingering bacteria or viruses are completely eradicated in order to keep yourself healthy. Personal items we use every day, like jewelry, can be one of the more difficult items to clean and disinfect. But can the coronavirus live on jewelry? Yes - the coronavirus can live on jewelry. This post will teach you how to clean and disinfect your jewelry to prevent the spread of harmful germs, bacteria, and life-threatening viruses.

How Does Jewelry Spread Germs?

The CDC explains that wearing jewelry, specifically a ring, creates a haven for germs to congregate. Additionally, jewelry, in general, acts as a magnet for oils and sweat, which can hold ontoall particles they then encounter. Rings, especially, place germs on your hands and fingers, which are commonly used to touch surfaces before touching yourmouth, nose, eyes, etc. It is this contact that transfers germs to you.

Many people take off their ring to wash their hands, but when they put it back on, they are bringing back any germs that may have been lingering on it, negating the benefits of hand washing. In fact, a study from Georgia State University found that healthcare professionals who wore rings while working created a protected area that allowed the bacteria to flourish. In comparison, those who did not wear rings while working were able to kill more germs through hand washing.

The research proves that jewelry, especially rings, can harbor germs, including bacteria and viruses, requiring a need to disinfect your jewelry to keep yourself safe.

How To Clean and Sanitize Jewelry

By cleaning your jewelry with an ultrasonic cleaner, you create a blank space that germs cannot hold on to. Ultrasonic cleaners co UV-C are the most effective technology, as these will thoroughly clean and disinfect your jewelry. They also don’t require harsh chemicals. Professionals often recommend using just one drop of dish detergent and tap water.

For the best sanitizing and cleaning, consider investing in a high-quality UV light sanitizer that combines UV-C technology (wavelength of 253.7 nm, preferably multiple lamps) with the power of professional ultrasonic cleaning (of at least 45,000Hz). This product is a one-two punch to deep clean the surface of your jewelry with its ultrasonic mechanism while also killing bacteria and viruses with UVC light.

The result? Sparkling, shiny, and sanitized jewelry that looks as good as the day you bought it.


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