9 Tips to Keep Your Engagement Ring Safe This Summer

Planning a summer getaway? When traveling with your engagement ring, it's important to take extra precautions. Whether you're lounging on a beach or exploring exotic destinations, follow these tips to keep your engagement ring secure throughout your journey this summer. Let's dive in!

1. Get Your Engagement Ring Insured

The first step towards guarding your cherished engagement ring is to obtain appropriate jewelry insurance. This will ensure that you are covered in case of any mishap, whether it's damage, loss, or theft. While it's never pleasant to think about these scenarios, it's crucial to be prepared. Prior to your trip, take clear photographs of your engagement ring from various angles. In the unfortunate event of loss or theft, these images will be valuable for identification purposes. Additionally, ensure your engagement ring is adequately insured and that you have the necessary documentation to support any potential claims.

2. Take Your Ring to Your Jeweler for a Deep Cleaning And Maintenance Check

While it is essential to follow regular maintenance steps at home to care for your ring, there is no substitute for professional cleaning services, especially before traveling or spending a day at the beach. The combination of sand and saltwater poses potential risks to fine jewelry, making a thorough clean, and professional inspection crucial. They will check for any potential issues, like a loose stone or a poorly fitting band. It's far better to identify and rectify these issues before your trip than to risk losing a stone during your vacation.

3. Navigating Airport Security With Your Engagement Ring

Despite what many people believe, you do not need to voluntarily remove your engagement ring when passing through TSA at the airport. Metals like platinum, silver, and gold will not trigger the alarm - so you can keep your ring on your finger without an issue.

4. Consider a Travel Engagement Ring

If you plan to take part in any activities that involve water or outdoor activities, it may be best to leave your ring at home. Recently, more and more people are choosing to purchase a travel engagement ring as a substitute. Travel engagement rings are often made from moissanite or cubic zirconia, which look similar to a real diamond. This option provides a sparkling solution without risking theft, loss, or damage to your real engagement ring.

5. Try a Rubber or Silicone Ring

Alternatively, silicone rings are a safe, affordable and comfortable option for active travelers to give you peace of mind. A favorite among celebrities, silicone rings come in a range of styles and designs that are perfect for active vacationers that may be hiking, playing sports, or spending a day at the beach.

6. Don't Wear Your Ring in the Pool or Ocean 

If your summer travels involve a beach destination, there are some additional precautions to consider. We highly recommend removing your engagement ring before swimming in the ocean or jumping in a pool. Cold water can cause your fingers to shrink, increasing the risk of your ring falling off. Additionally, the ocean waves and current can sweep your ring away, making it nearly impossible to retrieve. 

7. Remove Your Ring Before Applying Sunscreen

Sunscreen, tanning oils, and lotions will not physically damage your ring, they can cause a film to build up on your engagement ring that will dull its sparkle and shine. We recommend that you remove your ring beforehand, but if you forget, an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner can be a game-changer in restoring the brilliance of your ring. These devices utilize high-frequency sound waves and a cleaning solution to remove dirt, oils, and residue that have accumulated on your ring. Simply place your dull diamond ring in the cleaner, add water and a drop of dish soap, and let the ultrasonic waves work their magic. Within minutes, the gentle vibrations will dislodge the trapped particles, leaving your diamond looking vibrant and dazzling once again.

8. Store Your Ring Safely in the Hotel

If you're planning any outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, or sightseeing, consider leaving your engagement ring safely stored in your accommodation. Engaging in adventurous activities increases the risk of accidental damage or loss, making it wise to prioritize its protection over wearing it in such circumstances. Avoid placing it in loose pockets, open bags, or easily accessible compartments. Instead, store your ring securely utilizing the safe provided in your hotel room to keep your rings protected when you're out exploring. 

9. Trust Your Instincts

Always remember to trust your gut instinct when it comes to protecting your engagement ring while traveling. If you feel uneasy about traveling with your ring, it might be prudent to leave it at home in a secure location such as a safe or lockbox.

The Takeaway

Summer vacations should be about relaxation and fun. With these tips, you can reduce the risk of loss, theft or damage to your engagement ring and enjoy your travels. If you decide to travel with your engagement ring, it's essential to know when to wear it and when to remove it. Take extra precaution with your ring during activities like swimming, hiking, or snorkeling. It's also advisable to remove your ring when applying sunscreen or perfume, as these can cause grime to build up and diminish the sparkle of your diamond or gemstone.

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