5 Signs Your Engagement Ring Needs To Be Resized

Your engagement or wedding ring size can be difficult to determine. In fact, finger sizes can change frequently depending on a variety of factors – like the season, weather, time of day, diet, and medication. Even if you've been wearing your ring for a while now, you might notice that it doesn't fit as well as it used to. Maybe it slips around on your finger, or maybe it feels too tight—either way, you want to make sure that your ring fits perfectly. Resizing is a fairly simple process, and it can make all the difference in how your ring fits and feels on your finger. Here are five signs that your ring is due for an adjustment.

1. It Gets Stuck or Won’t Come Off 

This one is obvious - you should be able to move your ring up and push it over your knuckle to pull it off your finger. A ring that is too tight may not move up at all, or it will get stuck at the knuckle no matter how hard you try to pull it off. This happens all the time to people that have left a ring on for many years because our fingers (like the rest of our body) change sizes. It could also occur if you’re experiencing periodically swollen fingers and knuckles. 

 Either way, if your ring gets stuck and won’t come off - don’t panic. Ice your hand for 10 minutes, and then apply a little Windex (yes, the glass cleaner), olive oil, lotion, Vaseline, or cooking spray as a lubricant. Instead of twisting it, gently rock the ring back and forth as you move it upwards and over your knuckle. You may reapply the lubricant as needed until you’re able to remove it.  

2. It Gives Your Finger A Muffin Top 

We all know the term. 

A muffin top refers to the extra skin and fat that bulges over the waistline of tight-fitting pants. Look at the skin above and below your ring to see if there is a bulge like that of a muffin top. If your ring is giving your finger a muffin top, it is too small and should be resized to fit more comfortably. Rings that are too tight will leave a big indent mark at the base of your finger and cannot move clockwise or counterclockwise when you apply pressure. 

Ultrasonic cleaner

3. It Won’t Turn 

Your ring should be able to move in both directions with a little effort. Rings that are too small will not be able to spin fully - the skin will get stuck and start pinching you. If you cannot turn it, try to ice your hand for 10 minutes to reduce any swelling, and then try again. Still not working? It’s too tight. 

4. Your Ring Slips Off 

Have you ever heard one of those horror stories about someone losing their ring because it just slipped off somewhere? A good way to test whether your ring is too big is to wash your hands in cold water and use a lot of soap. If it slips right off, it is too large and needs to be resized. Make sure you cover the drain while you test this just in case it does come off. I’ve seen this happen firsthand, and I’ll tell you that retrieving a ring that went down the drain is not easy. 

5. It Spins Too Easily 

Usually, rings that spin too easily around on your finger should be resized. Do you notice yourself having to spin or adjust your ring constantly to keep the diamond facing up? This is often a sign your ring is too large, but sometimes this may also be due to the design or weight of the ring. You can often reduce the spinning by pairing your engagement ring with another band.  If that doesn’t work, speak with your jeweler to see if you can size the ring down. 

The Takeaway

If you notice any signs of your ring not fitting perfectly, don’t wait - talk to your jeweler! They will inspect your ring and give you the best advice based on your specific situation. 


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